Friday, March 9, 2012

I am a 21 year old girl with so much dreams in her eyes and want to do everything, but this world is so cruel and emotionless. our society has become so scary that people afraid to let their children go any where but still i am so much lucky i can go anywhere as i want usually.
recently i have met such motivated people that i really wanted to become like that. i am just thinking that what i have done in these 21 years answer is nothing special which on i can say proudly not a single thing, i dnt know whats the reason of it but yes i feel like i have left behind i must have done something atleast a one good deed. today when i think what to do i found so many hurdles, and those hurdles are made by me, i want to get rid off i want to live my life on my own terms, no restrictions nothing!
i have my own life there is no right of other on it.

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  1. May Allah Bless U always ur great in your own way