Friday, November 30, 2012

End Violence against Women

Violence against women is not new, women have been harassed, or being treated injustice from early ages. Violence against women in terms of physical, sexual or mental, whether done in public or in private, is basically the breach of human rights. However, the rights of women are very clearly defined in every country’s law.
the internet and mobile phones are provided to girls by their parents, mainly for education and to be in contact with them. But when there is no check on girls in their early age, they are indulged in false deeds. There are many people who are in seeking of these immature girls. If a girl gets sexually harassed in her young age, no one can ever remove the effect of that incident which she will face through out her life.
Living in the modern society where women are working side by side with men but we cannot deny the fact that they are still somehow being treated as the source of leisure. One out of every three women worldwide will be abused physically, sexually, or otherwise during her lifetime.
Many women who take the responsibility to take care of their home and support financially; they are the highest victims of sexual harassment.
Women who become the victims of domestic violence do not have any one to raise voice for them and they themselves are afraid to report the incident because they feel to be offended and ridiculed in the society.
The change can only be brought if women are aware of their rights as well as men should also play their roles with responsibility instead of putting hurdles and taking women as a source of desire.
There is also a need to change our stereo typed society in which no matter what happens but people assume women is responsible for every act.
Every year the “International Day to End Violence against Women” is observed, to not only give awareness but also acknowledge them about their rights. Many NGOs are working for these women and a whole campaign is running just to make them aware how powerful they can be if they refuse to be treated ghastly.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Woman is the rival of other Woman

Yes, it is true, when we look in our family we see mother in law’s behavior is not good with their daughter in laws, she never accept her as a daughter, she always thinks negative about her, even if that daughter in law behaves in a good manner, respects her and understand the status, she always thinks they have take over their sons. Or in other case we look daughter in laws are doing injustice with their deeds. It is a give and take relation, on other cases, one woman is attracting a man however, she knows he is married but all she wants is money and wants to pass a good time. She has no concern how she is influencing on the married life of that man, and destroying one home a peaceful home. If we talk about professional life, we always see those girls who are beautiful and have attractive looks has more power to magnetize their bosses and those who are simple girls do not get what actually they deserve, just because they are not presentable and do not have that talent to draw the attention towards them of their bosses, here simple girls left behind by pretty girls however pretty are not that much competent.
Women are the biggest rival of other woman, if they start feeling their responsibilities they will not get difficulty in what is happening with them.

A Girl!

Dad’s princess, mom’s best friend, brother’s doll yes she is the one who is the charm of the family, without her family seems to be incomplete. She admires her mother the way she take care of the family. Her father is her hero and first love. She cared a lot by all the relations because she has some charisma in her personality that everyone attracts towards her.
Her mom and dad always worried that she has to go another home. But she lives in her fairytale, she always dream of her Prince to come and made her life beautiful. Her mom always tell her how to perform duties in her new home, when she goes to her new home, she found love in her new relations, she always try to give her best to he in laws and her better half. She is supportive and a caring wife. When she become mother she feel strong, she bring up her children as best as she can, she sacrifices things just to give better future to them.
She is the inspiration and role model for her daughter, first love for her son, and a support for her husband. Family is cannot be complete without her. She is the main ingredient of the family with her family is tasteless.
So respect and love your mother, wife, sisters, and daughters. Because with them life is colorful.

A Boy!

Birth of a son is blessing for every family. Everyone wants his or her first child to be a baby boy. A boy is born; everyone is overwhelmed, he has taken care by everyone in a special way. In every step of his life, he gets special treatment. From education to food, from clothes to his toys his has given extraordinary treatment by his family members. If he is, coming late home mother is awake to open the door so that his dad cannot scold him. Sister is ordered to take extra care of his brother while playing. And now his has grown up now he has to take care of his family, he has to take the position of a responsible family member. He now has the responsibility to take care of his mother, look for his sisters, and take every step carefully. Now it is a pay back time for all the love and care which he received by his family members. He has to be strong on most of the matters. His ideal is his father; he wants to work like his father and make him proud. It is not easy to play a job of a son and a brother furthers a husband and a father. The responsibility of taking care of his relations is the most important one. So give love to this lovable creature of Allah miyan. 


Follow your own particular dreams. We are handed a life by peers, parents, and society, you can do that or follow your own dreams. Life is short, be a dreamer, but be a practical person.
If you are a daydreamer or live in your dreams then it is not wrong, but has courage to follow your dreams. Infact it is good to dream. In dreams, you see what you actually want in your life or want to become. Dreams are best friend of a person, they do not bound to do anything, no matter what; you can do everything in your dreams. A dream is a wish your heart makes. It is not enough to see dreams only but make them reality. Every successful man is a dreamy person, but eventually he makes his dream come true by hardwork and courage, don’t lose hope if you’re getting fail in your task, try and try again until you succeeded. Once you get succeed never leave to dream. Dreams pursue to work hard in the life. We can be as stupid as we can in our dreams; it is our world, which is ruled by us.  Fanticised your world with dreams, and then make plans to make them come true!
Enjoy Dreaming!!!

Self Confidence

No one is “Perfect”.
Yes, we all know that, but we always curse ourself why we aren’t perfect and this leads to self-pity, Avoid it!
Be Proud who you are, because what you can do others may not. Give some special time to yourself, talk to yourself, and find what you actually are, put smile on your face, and pretend to be confident even if you’re shaking.
Speak gently!  Speaking fast may create disturbance, audience may feel problem in listening your words correctly, and you get confused, speaking slowly and calmly gives you time to think what to say next.
Dress up elegantly; carry yourself in a good way! Have self-belief in you, no matter you can’t afford branded clothes, what you wear, wear it properly. It adds confidence in you.
How you look yourself people will start looking you in that way, don’t make yourself ashamed of anything which u had done in your past. It was your past learns it and forgets it.
This world always under estimate those people whom under estimate theirselves. Be aware of what you can do, find the best in yourself. Bring it out and prove who you are actually!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

"Heart" not just a pumping organ

Heart not just a pumping organ

Heart…my friend always said to me that it is just a pumping organ but no, I do not agree. It is not just a pumping organ; it contains many feelings in it and the most sensitive part of our body. It easily gets hurt and others cannot even do not know about it they have hurt it. Heart is the thing which can never get strong as time passes it gets weak but sensible; Sensible really? I do not know, but what I think it gets sensible but in some cases only and varies person to person. It is not we who treat our heart how to work but yes, we actually work on the command of our heart. Our mind is always in fight with our heart but most of the times our heart wins or we let it to win. Ahhh its only heart who made us mad in situations, put us in pain, made us cry but it heals our pain too when there is no one and everyone leaves us it is only heart which always hold us.
I really hate u my heart but love u a lot at the same time! Without u I cant survive but its also true sometimes you become very cruel with me and put me in worst situation, never listens to me put me in trouble always!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I am Addicted to BAKING!!!

Coffee Cake
Vanilla Cake
Mix Biscuits
Mix Custurd
Fresh Cream Cake
Chicken Tikka Pizza

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Glazed Icing
Rainbow Cake

Fresg Cream Pineapple Cake

Friday, July 6, 2012

Desi Tarka (The Baap of All Training Events)

Floor sitting, traditional clothing beat of Dhool and the colorful environment, yes this is Desi Tarka (The Baap of Training Events). On 30th June 2012, Salvation arranged the most happening event of the year. I never attend “A motivational lecture” in such a desi style. The worth mentioning guests are Umair Jaliawala no introduction required the famous motivational speaker and the most favorite one among youth along with Faysal Qureshi, Danish Nawaz, Shehzad Sheikh, Sheroz Subzwari, Ayaz Samoo aka Sajid Billa, Noman Habib and Ali Gul Pir aka Wadere Ka Beta. There was also Joshinder Chaggar the famous choreographer from India who teach the dance steps to the audience on the song Chammak Challo, Audience really enjoyed it.
The entry of the guests was on the beat of Dhool and on Spot Light. Celebrity guests shared their work experiences and motivated the people with their conversation.
The highlight of the event was the session of Umair Jaliawala, his inspirational talks really motivate the listeners. His most eminent “Dastane Ishq” took the breath away of the public, starts from Imam Hussain (R.A) the love of Allah and Imam, and ends on his own experience in the love world. His every word has something to learn.

Ali Chauhan the team leader of the event was the most favorite person among the Salvatore's. He is in the management and the troubleshooter, without him the event would not get successful.

The CEO of Salvation Mehran Khan Durrani, Executive Director Jihan Shah, COO Uzair Hassan, Business Development Officer Khadija Abid, and all the Salvador’s put their best to make the event successful and their effort makes the record of the audience which was 970 participants present in the event. 

I (Mehwish Zulfiqar) was one of the Salvatore and I know how we did hardwork in this event to make it huge and most successful of all the events. All the hardwork result in we enjoyed alot on the event day.

As it is said "The Baap of All Training Events" it proved that. 
Umair Jaliawala

All the Salvator's
Shehroz Sabzwari, Uzair Hassan, Shehzad Sheikh
Ali Gul Pir aka Wadeeray Ka Beta
Joshinder Chagger
Jihan Shah, Faysal Qureshi
Ayaz Samoo aka Sajid Billa, Uzair Hassan
Noman Habib
Danish Nawaz

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Proud of Pakistan Youngest Blogger Bushra Siddiqui

Bushra Siddiqui 

“I want to become the one of world’s top blogger before reaching high school” Yes, this is none other than Bushra Siddiqui the youngest blogger of Pakistan. She is the proud of Pakistan but unfortunately, she is not getting that much highlight which she deserves. But in social media, her Girly Stuff is getting famous just like her Father Hammad Siddiqui. A daughter of such a skillful person how can she not be intelligent, focused and intellectual. Her writing is as mature as compare to her age. She is dedicated in her studies. Bushra Siddiqui reached her first milestone at this young age. She is creative in her writing, she loves to read, a healthy sign for future of our country that our young generation is utilizing their time well. Other girls, even who are older should inspire by this young girl, start contributing, and take initiative in blogging world. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Workshop on "Tool and Techniques of Effective Blogging"

Hammad Siddiqui
On 15th of June 2012, I attended a workshop on blogging arranged by CIPE at Marriott Hotel. I heard a lot about Sir Hammad Siddiqui and so much excited about to learn about blogging from him. The most different thing about this workshop was it was all about practical work, all the participants had come over there with their laptops. In the session of Sir Hammad Siddiqui he told about blogging, to be focused on a topic as before I wrote about general topics, and to write for others not for you, this is the main point on which he emphasis a lot. And in this session, we also picked the news within the Marriott Hotel. Another trainer was Sir Ashraf Chaudhry he teaches the different techniques how to connect with each other with different tools.
For me it was the best workshop ever I have attended. I love blogging.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Visit to Edhi Women Centre

I always watch shows on TV on Mother’s Day or Women’s Day from the shelter homes for the women. Today I personally visited one of the Edhi Women home, (for shooting a documentary for my university assignment and as always we have to do it differently) seriously, it was so much heart wrenching experience. Women were crying because their own family members had left them over there. Unsympathetic sons, step mothers, brothers left their mothers, daughters, and sister over there. Some of them were living over there for 30 years, 20 years, and 10 years.
They have no hearts, did they forget they an also be in the same situation when their children gets older and will do the same this with them.
I also met a woman who did 4 murders before she was there. She was singing in a loud voice, and saying to us that I did not kill anyone please says to them.
Another lady who was brought there by his son, sisters tell us when she brought she was beaten by her daughter in law and her son left her there, she sang a song, very touchy moment, my all friends and me were crying. Uffff!! She was in so much pain; I wish I could take her to my home.
Some who highly mentally retarded were saying to us “hum pe bhi camera dalo” and shaking hands with us. One of them was crying very hard saying, “I missed my children, husband please bring me out of here please say to them, and they will listen to you people.”
There were two sisters; her stepmother thrown acid on one of the girl, her face was burned fully.
Uncontrollable emotions. Over all it was a very good experience, I think people who are working over there are surly JANNATI; the way they are treating them is so much good. Hats off to Abdur Sttar Edhi who took this step and now his whole family have dedicated their lives in this work.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This is an Ad made by me. Given an assignment from University.

Mama's Lap Baby Day Care Cantre

This is an AD made by me for pink pages. An assignment given by University.


Baji... the inspiration of my life, my ideal, my janu, my support, my 2nd mother in short my everything. Yes she is the one who always support me whenever I needed and guide me in every step of my life. What I am today is just because of her. She gives me confidence how to deal with problems, never stop me doing anything. Sometimes I feel if she wouldn't be there what would I do, answer is I am nothing without her!!! the true LOVE of my life. Some people get jealous because of our love, [i enjoy ;) ]. If she gives attention to anyone else I don't like. I mean, I feel only I have the complete authority on her love obviously after her HUSBAND and her cutest baby!!!
I just love her no matter what she says I agree with her because to me she is perfect.
I LOVE U Baji..!!! Always be there for me.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Life Changed...

Some how my life was changed 5 years before, but now it was completely changed, yes my decision was absolutely right. Sometimes people get what actually they are not meant for. People think they are cheating and they have become hero/heroein but they were cheating actually with their ownself.  My mind is totally empty, i am empty, once i feel relax but in the very next moment i get frustrated. I am trying hard to be what i am what actually i was the real MEHWISH, lively, energetic, full of life. Yes i am not more like this.
I have so many dreams, recently i have given an audition, but  NO. Why everyone makes hurdles in my life?? if i get selected Ive got my biggest dream come true! yes the successful woman dream. I want to get success in my life as soon as possible, it will not only boost me up but I will be more confident in my life. I can be proud of myself. Buteven no one can ever feel my pain. I don't want to be like this, its not good i know but there is nothing what i can do apart from my studies.
My studies are getting bore as i am doing mass communication majoring in Advertising but when i see my future i see blank because of society! they won't allow me to do anything like that. Come on... It's MY LIFE it's my passion to be successful in my life, to be SOMEONE renown...
YA ALLAH u r my only hope please make everything possible in life.
make my life easy, happy and content. Ameen!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Inner satisfaction

Everyday brings new experiances to you. Aj ka din guzarne k bad I have realized inner satisfaction is too much important. If you're working in a team then you should be responsible, should work on time otherwise not only you loose your marks but on behave of your act and carelessness the whole group have to sufer it. People never realize their mistakes however they are continously making mistakes but they always try to put blame on others just once try to point out them and they start counter attack. I dnt know how they get inner satisfaction.
Another Day end with an experiance. Hope tommorow will be a gud day with some new experiamces but "good one"

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Discover Myself

Today I have an advertisment for my assignment. After so long I got to know what I actally want to do in my life. I love editing. I love editing photos making pages or other stuff. This thing I had discover when I was doing magazine layout I was enjoying so much. Kehty haina do that work which wont let you tired n I love doing this, playing with colors and pictures and making it in my own way. I love it.

Friday, March 9, 2012

I am a 21 year old girl with so much dreams in her eyes and want to do everything, but this world is so cruel and emotionless. our society has become so scary that people afraid to let their children go any where but still i am so much lucky i can go anywhere as i want usually.
recently i have met such motivated people that i really wanted to become like that. i am just thinking that what i have done in these 21 years answer is nothing special which on i can say proudly not a single thing, i dnt know whats the reason of it but yes i feel like i have left behind i must have done something atleast a one good deed. today when i think what to do i found so many hurdles, and those hurdles are made by me, i want to get rid off i want to live my life on my own terms, no restrictions nothing!
i have my own life there is no right of other on it.