Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Baji... the inspiration of my life, my ideal, my janu, my support, my 2nd mother in short my everything. Yes she is the one who always support me whenever I needed and guide me in every step of my life. What I am today is just because of her. She gives me confidence how to deal with problems, never stop me doing anything. Sometimes I feel if she wouldn't be there what would I do, answer is I am nothing without her!!! the true LOVE of my life. Some people get jealous because of our love, [i enjoy ;) ]. If she gives attention to anyone else I don't like. I mean, I feel only I have the complete authority on her love obviously after her HUSBAND and her cutest baby!!!
I just love her no matter what she says I agree with her because to me she is perfect.
I LOVE U Baji..!!! Always be there for me.