Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Life Changed...

Some how my life was changed 5 years before, but now it was completely changed, yes my decision was absolutely right. Sometimes people get what actually they are not meant for. People think they are cheating and they have become hero/heroein but they were cheating actually with their ownself.  My mind is totally empty, i am empty, once i feel relax but in the very next moment i get frustrated. I am trying hard to be what i am what actually i was the real MEHWISH, lively, energetic, full of life. Yes i am not more like this.
I have so many dreams, recently i have given an audition, but  NO. Why everyone makes hurdles in my life?? if i get selected Ive got my biggest dream come true! yes the successful woman dream. I want to get success in my life as soon as possible, it will not only boost me up but I will be more confident in my life. I can be proud of myself. Buteven no one can ever feel my pain. I don't want to be like this, its not good i know but there is nothing what i can do apart from my studies.
My studies are getting bore as i am doing mass communication majoring in Advertising but when i see my future i see blank because of society! they won't allow me to do anything like that. Come on... It's MY LIFE it's my passion to be successful in my life, to be SOMEONE renown...
YA ALLAH u r my only hope please make everything possible in life.
make my life easy, happy and content. Ameen!!!

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