Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Visit to Edhi Women Centre

I always watch shows on TV on Mother’s Day or Women’s Day from the shelter homes for the women. Today I personally visited one of the Edhi Women home, (for shooting a documentary for my university assignment and as always we have to do it differently) seriously, it was so much heart wrenching experience. Women were crying because their own family members had left them over there. Unsympathetic sons, step mothers, brothers left their mothers, daughters, and sister over there. Some of them were living over there for 30 years, 20 years, and 10 years.
They have no hearts, did they forget they an also be in the same situation when their children gets older and will do the same this with them.
I also met a woman who did 4 murders before she was there. She was singing in a loud voice, and saying to us that I did not kill anyone please says to them.
Another lady who was brought there by his son, sisters tell us when she brought she was beaten by her daughter in law and her son left her there, she sang a song, very touchy moment, my all friends and me were crying. Uffff!! She was in so much pain; I wish I could take her to my home.
Some who highly mentally retarded were saying to us “hum pe bhi camera dalo” and shaking hands with us. One of them was crying very hard saying, “I missed my children, husband please bring me out of here please say to them, and they will listen to you people.”
There were two sisters; her stepmother thrown acid on one of the girl, her face was burned fully.
Uncontrollable emotions. Over all it was a very good experience, I think people who are working over there are surly JANNATI; the way they are treating them is so much good. Hats off to Abdur Sttar Edhi who took this step and now his whole family have dedicated their lives in this work.

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