Sunday, June 17, 2012

Workshop on "Tool and Techniques of Effective Blogging"

Hammad Siddiqui
On 15th of June 2012, I attended a workshop on blogging arranged by CIPE at Marriott Hotel. I heard a lot about Sir Hammad Siddiqui and so much excited about to learn about blogging from him. The most different thing about this workshop was it was all about practical work, all the participants had come over there with their laptops. In the session of Sir Hammad Siddiqui he told about blogging, to be focused on a topic as before I wrote about general topics, and to write for others not for you, this is the main point on which he emphasis a lot. And in this session, we also picked the news within the Marriott Hotel. Another trainer was Sir Ashraf Chaudhry he teaches the different techniques how to connect with each other with different tools.
For me it was the best workshop ever I have attended. I love blogging.

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