Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Proud of Pakistan Youngest Blogger Bushra Siddiqui

Bushra Siddiqui 

“I want to become the one of world’s top blogger before reaching high school” Yes, this is none other than Bushra Siddiqui the youngest blogger of Pakistan. She is the proud of Pakistan but unfortunately, she is not getting that much highlight which she deserves. But in social media, her Girly Stuff is getting famous just like her Father Hammad Siddiqui. A daughter of such a skillful person how can she not be intelligent, focused and intellectual. Her writing is as mature as compare to her age. She is dedicated in her studies. Bushra Siddiqui reached her first milestone at this young age. She is creative in her writing, she loves to read, a healthy sign for future of our country that our young generation is utilizing their time well. Other girls, even who are older should inspire by this young girl, start contributing, and take initiative in blogging world. 


  1. thanks 4 posting such a nice blog. I will share it with Bushra.

  2. you are most welcome :)
    and she should comment whether she like it or not

  3. May Allah Bless her and give more successes in her life.. Ameen