Saturday, September 1, 2012

"Heart" not just a pumping organ

Heart not just a pumping organ

Heart…my friend always said to me that it is just a pumping organ but no, I do not agree. It is not just a pumping organ; it contains many feelings in it and the most sensitive part of our body. It easily gets hurt and others cannot even do not know about it they have hurt it. Heart is the thing which can never get strong as time passes it gets weak but sensible; Sensible really? I do not know, but what I think it gets sensible but in some cases only and varies person to person. It is not we who treat our heart how to work but yes, we actually work on the command of our heart. Our mind is always in fight with our heart but most of the times our heart wins or we let it to win. Ahhh its only heart who made us mad in situations, put us in pain, made us cry but it heals our pain too when there is no one and everyone leaves us it is only heart which always hold us.
I really hate u my heart but love u a lot at the same time! Without u I cant survive but its also true sometimes you become very cruel with me and put me in worst situation, never listens to me put me in trouble always!

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