Monday, October 1, 2012

Self Confidence

No one is “Perfect”.
Yes, we all know that, but we always curse ourself why we aren’t perfect and this leads to self-pity, Avoid it!
Be Proud who you are, because what you can do others may not. Give some special time to yourself, talk to yourself, and find what you actually are, put smile on your face, and pretend to be confident even if you’re shaking.
Speak gently!  Speaking fast may create disturbance, audience may feel problem in listening your words correctly, and you get confused, speaking slowly and calmly gives you time to think what to say next.
Dress up elegantly; carry yourself in a good way! Have self-belief in you, no matter you can’t afford branded clothes, what you wear, wear it properly. It adds confidence in you.
How you look yourself people will start looking you in that way, don’t make yourself ashamed of anything which u had done in your past. It was your past learns it and forgets it.
This world always under estimate those people whom under estimate theirselves. Be aware of what you can do, find the best in yourself. Bring it out and prove who you are actually!

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