Monday, October 1, 2012

A Boy!

Birth of a son is blessing for every family. Everyone wants his or her first child to be a baby boy. A boy is born; everyone is overwhelmed, he has taken care by everyone in a special way. In every step of his life, he gets special treatment. From education to food, from clothes to his toys his has given extraordinary treatment by his family members. If he is, coming late home mother is awake to open the door so that his dad cannot scold him. Sister is ordered to take extra care of his brother while playing. And now his has grown up now he has to take care of his family, he has to take the position of a responsible family member. He now has the responsibility to take care of his mother, look for his sisters, and take every step carefully. Now it is a pay back time for all the love and care which he received by his family members. He has to be strong on most of the matters. His ideal is his father; he wants to work like his father and make him proud. It is not easy to play a job of a son and a brother furthers a husband and a father. The responsibility of taking care of his relations is the most important one. So give love to this lovable creature of Allah miyan. 

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