Monday, October 1, 2012

A Girl!

Dad’s princess, mom’s best friend, brother’s doll yes she is the one who is the charm of the family, without her family seems to be incomplete. She admires her mother the way she take care of the family. Her father is her hero and first love. She cared a lot by all the relations because she has some charisma in her personality that everyone attracts towards her.
Her mom and dad always worried that she has to go another home. But she lives in her fairytale, she always dream of her Prince to come and made her life beautiful. Her mom always tell her how to perform duties in her new home, when she goes to her new home, she found love in her new relations, she always try to give her best to he in laws and her better half. She is supportive and a caring wife. When she become mother she feel strong, she bring up her children as best as she can, she sacrifices things just to give better future to them.
She is the inspiration and role model for her daughter, first love for her son, and a support for her husband. Family is cannot be complete without her. She is the main ingredient of the family with her family is tasteless.
So respect and love your mother, wife, sisters, and daughters. Because with them life is colorful.

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