Monday, October 1, 2012

Woman is the rival of other Woman

Yes, it is true, when we look in our family we see mother in law’s behavior is not good with their daughter in laws, she never accept her as a daughter, she always thinks negative about her, even if that daughter in law behaves in a good manner, respects her and understand the status, she always thinks they have take over their sons. Or in other case we look daughter in laws are doing injustice with their deeds. It is a give and take relation, on other cases, one woman is attracting a man however, she knows he is married but all she wants is money and wants to pass a good time. She has no concern how she is influencing on the married life of that man, and destroying one home a peaceful home. If we talk about professional life, we always see those girls who are beautiful and have attractive looks has more power to magnetize their bosses and those who are simple girls do not get what actually they deserve, just because they are not presentable and do not have that talent to draw the attention towards them of their bosses, here simple girls left behind by pretty girls however pretty are not that much competent.
Women are the biggest rival of other woman, if they start feeling their responsibilities they will not get difficulty in what is happening with them.

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